The km3flux Python package


KM3Flux is a collection of neutrino flux models + assorted utilities to deal with them. The current v2 is an alpha release.


You need Python 3.6+. In your python env, do:

pip install "km3flux[all]==2.0.0a1"

or just clone the git repository and install via pip install .

If you want to use the legacy version (without the command line tool), use:

pip install km3flux==1.0.3

At the moment, pip install km3flux will still download the latest v1, this will however change in future. Always make sure that you keep track of which version you use in your projects – this is a general advice and not specific to km3flux!

Update or download flux data

The command-line tool km3flux can be used to manage the flux data which is stored in an offline archive:

$ km3flux -h
Updates the files in the data folder by scraping the publications.
Existing data files are not re-downloaded.

    km3flux [-spx] update
    km3flux (-h | --help)
    km3flux --version

    -x    Overwrite existing files when updating.
    -s    Include seasonal flux data from Honda.
    -p    Include production height tables from Honda.
    -h    Show this screen.
    -v    Show the version.

Currently only the Honda fluxes are download from

Beware that the 2011 dataset is currently not available on the website, so you will see some errors when trying to download them.

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